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This is my picture with me beside to my babies and also carrying it... no, they're my most favourite thing in mind...

Living in Bandung, as a girl *of course*! Living in town: eating around, hanging out with family and friends, mix-n-matching #ootd, just like another girls. 

Now just graduated from high school and intending to attend International Relation, the major she thinks the most connected to her interests: travel, fashion, and culinary. 

Her iPod playlist consists of 35% jazz and bossanova, 25% electronic, 20% house, and 20% pop. You can exclude western pop, because she finds that today's western pop are boring. This is mostly different from the people around her, and still, she doesn't know why, hmmm. 

She watches korean dramas. Her first drama was Boys Before Flowers, since then she was always oriented to the leading guy, Lee Minho. But after watching You From Another Star, now her direction splits into two, adding Kim Soo Hyun into it.... haha.

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I like to interact with people, know more about them, but sometimes I also really like being alone, thinking, reflecting every aspects in my life. I love wearing bright-colored fashion! My style can be described as modern,bright,fresh,edgy, not princessy :))


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