July 22, 2014

Summer Europe Trip: 4 things why you must go in summer!

A great shot by me, don't you think???
So, last month, like a dream came true... finally I had the time to had a vacation in europe. Because college activity will start in August, for sometime now I have a long loooong "holiday", so I can go there with the much time i have.
Europe is HEAVEN! Great summer weather! Great achitectural on the buildings and lots of tourist destination (especially in Paris)and great views! Iconic foods! Can you guess the last thing? You know it was summer, of course the summer sale was on! Shopping galore :)))

But why? Explain!

1. Great summer weather. I was there from late June to early July, for 12 days. It was summer there. But the sun doesn't make you sweaty, and the sunset happens at 10 PM, sunrise at 5 AM. Basically you feel like getting more afternoon, like the day feels longer! Likey, because sometimes 24hours is not enough for a day, don't you think so?
This was taken at 8PM. I love the long afternoon :)

2. Great achitectural buildings, views, and tourist destinations. Here some photos and I will tell about a few that I remember
Atomium, Belgium. Pardon the messy coat! 
You already know that this building is inspired from atom, that thing you usually see in your chemistry study. Usually expos take place here. The diagonal things connecting the 9 balls are actually escalators!
A church in belgium. I forget the name, but this is located in Grand Place, a famous square there.
Manekkin pis, Belgium
Still in Grand Place, the 50 cm tall thing behind is manekkin pis, a small boy *pardon* peeing statue. It actually has different unique histories, or maybe just people there creating their own stories :)
Louvre museum, Paris
The museum displays many paintings, one of them is the famous Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. I don't enter because there were so many people queueing for getting inside, they say you can queue up to 1.5 hrs! Too lazy to queue! But maybe the queue will be worth it for people who really fancy paintings :)
Champs-Élysées, Paris
 When you go straight, you will enter the big street of shopping.
Zaanse Schans, Holland
This is a village in Holland, not yet Amsterdam. The breezy wind, the sun, the sky, the cows, the air are HEAVENS. Feel dreamy and relaxed here! Favourite!
The church in Vatican, I forget the name :)
The biggest church in the world in Vatican. Vatican is the smallest country with the area only about 10 football fields! The country is located in Italy, separated by only 3 meters-high wall circling the country.
Duomo di Milano, Milan
A gothic church in Milan, Italy. On the left side is the famous shopping place in Milan, The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is one of the world's oldest shopping malls.
The leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
Colloseum, Rome

One of the oldest buildings in Rome, Italy. Was build on B.C.
Venice Island, Italy
Ready to hop on the canal!
Glacier 3000, Switzerland
Just me took a #selfie there. Here is really cold, eventhough it was summer, the snow is always there. The mountain is 3000m high. You can take cablecar for going to the peak.

3. Iconic foods!
Belgian waffles!
Zoom zooooom. Mouth watering!!!
The so-maistream bolognese I ate in Milan
Italian gelato. It's simply happiness and freshness! LOVE!
4. Shopping + Summer sale! Don't forget this is Europe! The heaven of designer things and many known great brands originated here! I'm sold. :p
For the shopping, I will review them in another post, okay? Because it will be a long looong post. :)

I heart Europe! If you have questions about my trip there, just comment below, I will answer if I can :)


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